Plugins – The Force Multiplier for WordPress

WordPress is possibly the most popular platform there is for the small business website.  More than 75 million sites use the free WordPress software, paying only for the hosting so that the site owner can utilize all of the third-party developer resources designed specifically for WordPress.

Tens of thousands of third-party developers create plugins, add-on pieces of software that add to the functionality and user features of the software.  The basic WordPress website is quite powerful on its own, but plugins multiply the power and usability, both for the user-owner and the site visitor.  


You can add value to your posts by adding clickable coupon codes to your site. You can add a server promo code, for example, for website visitors who are looking for a deal for hosting their own websites. If you’re a travel blogger, then you could share codes for travel companies like Expedia.


There are plugins to protect your website from hackers and other threats that can disable a site or cause usability issues.  If your site allows registrations or in other ways take user information, these plugins help you to protect your visitors and subscribers from having their information compromised.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a complicated concept, and the game’s rules keep changing.  When you use one of these plugins, your page content and blog post text get analyzed as you write.  The plugin gives suggestions for changes that will make your content more search engine-friendly.

Forms for Every Purpose

No matter what information you want from your site visitors, there’s a forms plugin that will let you create custom input forms easily.  Most are simple drag-and-drop applications.  You can use different types of form fields, from a drop-down menu to multiple-item checkboxes.  

Images and Photo Galleries

If your business involves a lot of graphic illustrations or photos, there are some fantastic plugins to display pictures as albums, slideshows, and even videos.  Artists particularly love these plugins to show their work.  

File Embed Plugins

These plugins allow you to embed other content into your posts or pages.  If you have a PDF form you want to present for viewing, these plugins allow you to do it with a few clicks.  This tool is also excellent for embedding the business videos that you have posted to YouTube.

Content Curation

If you want to bring exciting content from other websites and blogs to your site visitors, there are automated plugins that gather material based on your keywords or phrases and post it automatically to your website or blog.  You want to stay copyright-legal, but the plugins can display a limited excerpt and title and link your visitor to the original site and article.

There are plugins that aggregate RSS feeds as well.  They subscribe to the RSS feeds of popular blogs with content you want to share.  When a new feed item arrives, the plugin posts an excerpt or full content of the original content with a link.  Some plugins monitor YouTube and pull in and embed relevant videos, a great tool to automatically add content to your site.

Social Auto-Posting

These are extremely valuable plugins, as they allow you to set up automatic posting to social sites.  You set up a Facebook page for your site content, a Google+ group or Community, a Twitter account, and Instagram and Pinterest accounts.  You can set up the plugin to automatically post your new content, usually blog posts, to the appropriate social site and location.  The tool gives you a tremendous marketing advantage.

Explore the plugin universe to force-multiply your WordPress website and content.  They add immense value and will grow your visitor traffic.

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